The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass is manufactured and distributed by
Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc.

About the Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™

The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ is an essential tool for professional film, video, and stage lighting. It allows you to locate the center of your key light or "hot spot" to accurately determine where to position lighting for optimum coverage. By holding the Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ up to one eye you can look through it directly into your key light while your assistant focuses the light to your liking.

Basic Uses

Locating the center of your key light to position lighting accurately for perfect lighting every time.

Checking the condition of light filament.

Identifying the position of the sun when it is behind clouds to determine where shadows will fall (Fig. 1).


Do not use this device to look directly into the sun as exemplified in the photo below.

BLue Ring Gaffer's Glass
Blue Ring Gaffer;s Glass with Lanyard
Blue Ring Kit
BLue Ring Finding Center Of Light
Blue Ring Engraved
Blue Ring Profile
Blue RIng finding sun in clouds
Blue Ring In Action