The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass is manufactured and distributed by
Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc.

How to use the Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™
  1. Turn on your key light and position it as close as possible on the area to be lit.Gaffer's Glass functions best with lights that are no closer than 10 ft from the subject.

  2. Put yourself in the exact position of the subjct to be lit.

  3. Cover one eye with your free hand and hold the Gaffer's Glass to your open eye, (the larger ring toward your eye.)

  4. Look directly through the glass into your key light, while your assistant focuses the light to your liking.
blue ring affer's glass usage diagrahm


Do not use this device to look directly into the sun as exemplified in the photo below.

BLue Ring Gaffer's Glass
Blue Ring Gaffer;s Glass with Lanyard
Blue Ring Kit
BLue Ring Finding Center Of Light
Blue Ring Engraved
Blue Ring Profile
Blue RIng finding sun in clouds
Blue Ring In Action